Our Customers Love Us and Here's Proof!

I highly recommend Matt Ringle and the Plumbing People for your plumbing needs. Matt is incredibly knowledgable, professional and service oriented. He is readily available and quick to respond, whether for general service calls or larger installations. In my case, I had purchased an old home with a large, conventional water heater. Due to some HVAC renovations, I had to remove the conventional water heater and Matt acted as a consultant to help me determine my best options for a new system. We ended up going with a Navien tankless water heater and have been extremely pleased with our choice. Matt and his team completed the installation in a timely and professional fashion. The system has been a welcome improvement over my previous conventional water heater. We love the energy savings and the fact that we never run out of hot water. My fiancee and I can consecutively run our dishwasher, washing machine and take a shower without experiencing any drop in hot water temperature. Using the Navien system, we were also able to save a lot of money over other tankless systems because we had to run a long exhaust pipe in my home that would have been very costly with other systems but only required PVC pipe for Navien. Matt also recommended and installed a recirculating line. It allowed for us to have hot water at the tap immediately and solved one of my only complaints with tankless systems--that the hot water was not always immediately available like it is for conventional systems. I'm glad we trusted him with the install and paid a little extra for the recirculating line, it is well worth it! Since the installation, I've used Matt for other plumbing needs and continue to be pleased with his work, knowledge and responsiveness. I highly recommend him and his company and plan to use them for many years to come.
    - Mike V., Columbus Ohio