Frozen Pipes Lead to Burst Pipes

Get help from an experienced plumber ASAP

Frozen pipes aren't just an inconvenience - they're a serious plumbing problem. When the water in your pipes freezes, it expands, which can cause your pipes to burst. Once the water melts, you'll be left with a big mess and costly water damage.

If your pipes are frozen, turn to The Service People for assistance. We've been helping property owners resolve problems like these since 2011, earning us a reputation for top-quality service. Our skilled plumber will fix the problem in no time.

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Let a pro unfreeze your pipes

Even if you insulate your pipes or keep your heat on, your pipes may still freeze. When they're frozen, they're under a lot of pressure and at risk of bursting. It's best to let a pro handle the next steps in order to prevent further issues. Our plumber has the equipment and knowledge needed to unfreeze your pipes safely, so you'll have running water again in no time.

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